Classic short UGG

Genuine UGGs logo at the back of classic short. No sheep, goats, wolves on the logo - just UGG, R and Australia as officially registered.

Price: 150 EUR
Payment: Paypal, Banktransfer
Delivery: DHL, Hermes
Location: Riedering, Germany

Classic short uggs left and right boots

Side view of the purple uggs with shoe tree still inside waiting to be removed so these uggs can grow into your feet!
Description New Classic short UGG's. Stylish purple, size 8 for USA, size 39 for EU, size 6.5 for UK - for women

NON COUNTERFIET!. Counterfiet is a serious offense and as a result one must be on the look out for counterfieted items. All security markings like Hologram on the inside left shoe, little R on the Sole, properly sewed, and original box are included. Very warm and comfortable - I have a pair of my own. In the winter my feet are always warm and I can be on my feet all day wearing these shoes.
This is flohmart price as one can see when compared to regular online shops

Here is a front view of the shoes

Here you see the original design of the classic short uggs and stands for original

Original box for womens classic short uggs along with size 8 for USA, size 39 for EU, size 6.5 for UK

Hologram printed in left classic short uggs shoe. Also another security feature of these UGGs being sold.

Clear picture of classic short uggs on orignal uggs box

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