Well kept antique pendulum clock made from oak wood for Antique Collectors

Fully functional pendulum clock made from oak wood in well maintained condition and requires no clock restoration

Price: 120 EUR
E-Mail: thegreektree@hotmail.com
Payment: Paypal, Banktransfer
Delivery: DHL, Hermes, Pick-up
Location: Riedering, Germany

Pendulum clock with nostalgic authentic tick and tock and chime sound
Description Pendulum clock ,made from oakwood beautifully well kept. Comes with crank key and funktions like brand new. Chimes, and clicks and clocks and ticks and tocks perfectly with its fully funtional mechanical parts. 57cm high, 27cm wide Perfect for the antique collector!!

Pendulum clock without any damages, will keep you on time while time stands still.

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