What is Bulk Picture Resizer Applet?

Have you ever tried uploading your pictures to your Google drive, ebay, or skype, only to realize it will take forever because the pictures are too unnecessarily big?

Well , this applet is designed to decrease the size of all of the pictures in a folder at once, by a desired amount, at the click of a button. Hence the name Bulk Picture Resizer Applet
Why use Bulk Picture Resize?
  • Security Feature: This program does not upload your pictures. That’s right! Your pictures never leave your computer for some remote server in cyberspace! Therefore your pictures remain private!
  • It’s Fast: The processing of the picture files take place on your computer, so you do not have to wait on your files to upload or download!

  • Safety Feature: This program has a built in mechanism that prevents you from accidentally deleting your original high resolution images!

  • Digitally Signed: Bulk Picture Resizer Applet and all applets on this site are digitally signed. This is to protect users from downloading applets that have been tampered with or compromised.

  • How to use Bulk Picture Resizer Applet?

    1. Select Source Folder

    Select the folder whose pictures you want to copy and reduce. Only pictures with the supported file formats will be automatically collected.

    2. Select Destination Folder

    Select any folder where you want these files to be placed.

    3. Set Scale Factor

    This sets the number of times by which to shrink your picture & Click Reduce Size

    e.g. if you original picture was 640 X 480 pixels, and you select 4, your converted picture would be 160 X 120 pixels.

    Supported file formats
    • bmp
    • gif
    • jpg
    • png
    Operating System: Windows
    Requirements: Java
    Offer: free for use online
    Permission: Permission to run java in browser

    This software is a product of blog.oliviasgiftsandmore.com. Copy and redistribution of this software is not allowed.

    Bulk Picture Resizer Applet

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